International School of Business and Management

Address for correspondence:
International School for Business and Management
Faculty of Business Administration
University of Economics in Prague
nám. W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Praha 3
Phone: +420 224 098 421
GSM: +420 724 607 212

The programme is internationally accredited by the European accreditation body, the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA Foundation International Business Accreditation Administration) ( and in the Czech Republic evaluated by CAMBAS.

Partner Schools:

• All faculties at the University of Economics, Prague
• University ZHAW Zurich, School of Management and Law
• WOIS Innovation School Cobourg
• Imperial College, London


• To offer to companies and individual managers attractive and high-quality specialised international programmes in the context of life-long learning;
• To offer the latest knowledge and practical skills for the use of special managerial systems in the context of various forms of management;
• To offer the analysis of basic commerce and business methods to develop individual business ideas as well as new areas and business models;
• To offer international management theories and methods of effective management, and the ability to reflect upon management style, decision-making in the context of global managerial competence development.

Types of study modes:

• Part-time study, lectures bi-monthly (Friday – Saturday)
• Combination with personal home study
• Use of practical case studies and own business problem resolution
• Post- module examination, written paper after each year (Term paper, Business project) and final Master thesis
• One MBA program conducted full in English for international students

Course duration:

2,5 years (last 6 months dedicated to Master thesis compilation and redaction)

Admission requirements:

• Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent)
• Two-year work experience in an area of individual responsibility
• English language proficiency (written and spoken) in English
• Professional CV and letter of motivation
• Two letters of recommendations (academic/business)
• Admissions interview
• Free access to special certificate courses

Programme leadership:

Prof. Ing. Ivan Nový, CSc. - Academic director
Doc. Ing. Jitka Srpová, CSc. - Executive director
Mgr. Markéta Dianová, Ph.D. - Programme co-ordinator
Mgr. Dušan Kučera, Ph.D., MBA - Tutor