University of New York in Prague

Headquarters and contact address / Address for correspondence:

University of New York in Prague
Londýnská 41, 120 00 Praha 2
Tel: +420 224 221 281, +420 224 221 261
Fax: +420 224 221 247

The UNYP MBA program was the first in the Czech Republic to be accredited by the American Independent International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (

Goal of the school:

The MBA at the University of New York in Prague is a prestigious program accredited by IACBE. Students have to overcome very challenging tasks but at the same time they gain valuable experience that enables current and future business executives to improve their managerial skills that lead to rapid promotions. Thanks to acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills, graduates are expected to become the best executive managers.

Form of study:

The MBA program runs on a modular basis, two weekends a month. It consists of major courses common to all MBA programs, narrowly specialized courses, depending on the chosen field of concentration, and a consultancy project. UNYP offers concentration courses in Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, and Management. Teaching is in English.


18 months (courses + 5-month consultancy project)

Admission requirements:

  • Completed higher education (at least Bachelor’s degree)
  • Cover letter
  • Two written recommendations
  • Proven knowledge of English
  • At least three years of experience
  • Job interview

School management:

Andreas Antonopoulos, Ph.D., MBA

Director of Postgraduate Programs:
Sotiris Karagiannis Med MBA