Evaluation Criteria for entry into the Czech Association of MBAs

1. Formulation of the school's mission

Criterion: The School's Mission.

Commentary: The School should have a clear sense of mission, periodically reviewed and adapted to meet the changing conditions of managerial education in order to best meet the needs of students.

2. Selection of participants

Criterion: Students, criteria for selection.

Commentary: Students need to meet clear entry criteria before being allowed to join the MBA.

3. Structure and content of the MBA programme

Criterion: Content of the study programme and integration of individual subject and disciplines.

Commentary: The curriculum should contain elements that ensure that a range of perspectives of management are presented. They should have an interdisciplinary character and be integrated in an appropriate way.

Criterion: Extent of the Study Programme.

Commentary: The curriculum should contain a sufficient amount of taught hours. The amount of contact hours should be at least 400 and appropriate to meet the proposed study goals.

Criterion: The provision of practical work experience.

Commentary: Participants of the programme should have the possibility to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the practical environment.

4. The management of the MBA Study Programme

Criterion: Authorisation to confer the title MBA.

Commentary: The school should be authorised to award the MBA title, usually in partnership with the prestigious foreign school that is accredited by a respected association in the home country.

Criterion: Administering the MBA Programme in accordance with accepted standards.

Commentary: The programme should follow accepted standards, the institution offering the award should be able to show that the course is being run according to accepted standards.

Criterion: Systém of Student Assessment.

Commentary: Student assessment should be based on systematic, on-going and explicitly defined criteria.

Criterion: Feedback.

Commentary: A systém of feedback needs to be in place so that it can be used for improving the programme of study. There needs to be formal structures and processes in place so as to ensure that there is feedback between Faculty and management on the one side and students on the other.

5. Faculty

Criterion: Faculty, qualifications and their compositions, as well as processes in place to ensure staff development.

Commentary: There needs to be a systém in place for the evaluation of staff and their qualifications and the mechanisms and structures in place to ensure that those selected to teach on the programme are appropriately qualified.

6. Equipment and Resources

Criterion: Resources, physical teaching and environment, support for the teaching process.

Commentary: The School should have at its disposition an environment that will provide MBA students a quality image for this type of education.

7. School Activities

Criterion: International dimension.

Commentary: The content of courses should také internationalisation into account and include the international content of management problems in all aspects of the programme.